Expanding the CRANET research network:

Are you interested in joining the CRANET consortium and helping us to broaden our international scope even more? If you think you might be interested, please consider the following guidelines that we have in place for selecting country representatives:

1) At this time we are only considering new consortium partners from countries that are not already represented in our network.

2) In almost all cases, our country representatives are professors at highly reputable universities within their countries, and they conduct research on Human Resources (HR) issues. We have, however, made a few rare exceptions by partnering with HR practitioners who have the necessary research background, skills, and capabilities to conduct CRANET research effectively in their country.

3) As a member of the consortium, you will be required to collect data from a representative sample of organizations in your country every 3 years. The next wave of data collection will take place in late 2011 – early 2012. As the country representative, you would be responsible for securing your research sample, funding expenses associated with data collection, writing a technical report based on your country’s data, and serving as an interpreter of country-specific results. In the event that you miss a wave of data collection, you will not be permitted access to the worldwide database for that year. Members are only granted access to data from the years in which they collected data in their own country.

4) We also require that consortium members attend network meetings. We have two meetings a year – one in late spring/early summer, and another in late fall/early winter – and each meeting takes place in a different member country. We recognize that it is not feasible for all members to make all meetings, but we do require that members make at least every third meeting. Because collective participation in and contribution to network activities is vital to our success, failure to participate can lead to a termination of one’s membership in the consortium.

5) In addition to attending network meetings, all members will be required at some point to host one of the meetings. More details about this will be provided upon membership.

6) Country representatives are free to publish manuscripts based on their country’s data at any time. In order to publish manuscripts using data from other countries, it is necessary to first receive the permission of associated country representatives.

7) If, after reading these terms of membership, you feel that you are a good fit for our consortium, by all means please contact Emma Parry, Director of the network, at emma.parry@cranfield.ac.uk.